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Work-life balance among women employees in oraganizations: a study in andhra pradesh 59
Seeing stars: Spectacle, society and celebrity culture 52
తెలంగాణ మాండలికం నవలలు: ఒక భాషా అధ్యయనం 51
Heritage hotels and customer experience: a text mining analysis of online reviews 49
Acoustic shock wave emissions from laser induced breakdown of materials 48
Skin cultures: reconfigurations of the body through narratives 45
Effect of student perceived service quality on student satisfaction, loyalty and motivation in Indian universities: Development of HiEduQual 44
An analysis of the concept of Dukkha in Theravada Buddhism and its relevance today 43
Telugu WordNet 41
Efficient second-harmonic and terahertz generation from single BiB 34